Our Pastor: David Johnsonpastor_david

David is a native Texan, having grown up in a suburb of Dallas. After receiving his education from Texas Tech University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, David moved to the Midwest to begin church ministry.

It was there he met and married his wife, Elizabeth, and has since been blessed with 4 wonderful boys.

The Lord has chosen David as one of His special vessels to communicate His Word and to serve and shepherd His flock. This special call is irresistible and unmistakable. By God’s grace, he endeavors to preach His Word with passion, relevance, and practicality. Being given the spiritual gift of exhortation, he lives and ministers through this lens. With equal fervor, he delights to love his wife and sons, praying that he will be a visible picture of Christ’s love for His bride and a living portrait of the Heavenly Father.



Board of Elders

SWTBC is an independent Bible church. We are not a part of a denomination, but are governed by a group of local men who meet the qualifications for eldership as described in Titus 1.5-9 and 1 Timothy 3.1-7. The pastor also serves as one of the church’s elders.



Each man in the body of SWTBC is encouraged to participate in one of several ministry teams. Each team is led by one of our deacons, men who meet the qualifications for the office of deacon as described in 1 Timothy 3.8-13.


Women’s Leadership

SWTBC has an active and fabulous ladies’ ministry team whose purpose is to encourage women and provide opportunities for them to serve the Lord and each other. This team is led by mature Christian women under the direction of the board of elders.