Here are some things you can expect when you visit us:


Music / Worship

Our worship music is primarily contemporary, but we value the older songs of our faith and include hymns along with newer songs. We are not a Charismatic church and therefore do not exercise the gift of tongues during our services. We do encourage physical expression of worship as the Spirit leads. For many in our church body, this often includes raised hands or kneeling.



We take communion weekly in remembrance of the sacrifice the Lord Jesus made on our behalf.  All people who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior are invited to share in the bread and cup.


Preaching Style

Our preaching is primarily expository in style. This means that we teach through a passage of Scripture, explain its meaning in depth, and make application for our daily lives. Occasionally, the preaching may be topical, meaning that we analyze the various Scriptures that address a particular topic.  If you would like to hear some example messages, please feel free to listen to a recent sermon.



“Altar calls” are rare in our church, but you are invited to seek counseling and prayer at any time (before, during, or after the service) from a member of our ‘Receiving Team’. These men and women are identified with special badges bearing our tree branch logo.



For the convenience of young children’s parents and those around them, we have a “cry room” with a video and audio feed of the sanctuary.



Visitors are not expected to give a financial offering, and our people simply place their financial gifts in a box that is provided for that purpose.  Accordingly, we do not pass an offering plate during the service, except on rare occasions for a ‘love offering’ to support a particular ministry or need.



We do not have a formal membership process or keep a roll of members. If you attend our church regularly and participate in the life of the church, we consider you a part of the body.